Fundamentals’ delivery strategy

Fundamentals’ delivery strategy

Our core strategy is to deliver the technologies operators need to tackle the greatest challenge in history – net zero carbon – while continuing to provide customers with reliable electricity at the lowest possible cost.

System-wide voltage control

Fundamentals already supplies the world’s most advanced voltage control product – the SuperTAPP SG AVC (Automatic Voltage Control) relay for grid and primary substations. We will continue to develop SuperTAPP SG, with even better features and functionality. More will follow in the area of voltage control, including new solutions for the Low Voltage (LV) network, as it becomes increasingly dynamic from the connection of electric vehicles, battery storage systems and heat pumps etc.

Even more exciting is our growing ability to bring these technologies together, with advanced digital communications and artificial intelligence (AI). Our aim is no less than a new era of Total Voltage Control, embracing whole distribution networks.

Digital communications. Connecting everything.

Our knowledge of digital communication runs deep and is progressing rapidly. Advanced comms are built into the latest iterations of SuperTAPP SG. And our new CUBE product is set to prove a key enabling technology, with its ability to deliver communication between control centres and virtually every asset on the grid.

Together with the growing adoption of generic Application Data Hub (ADH) platforms across the industry, CUBE is enabling engineers to implement plug-and-play, off-the-shelf comms solutions with unprecedented ease.

CUBE and ADH are indeed the enabling technologies for a new era of smart grid communication, control, automation and security.

Artificial intelligence. Getting smarter.

AI and machine learning will be of growing importance for Fundamentals to deliver Total Voltage Control for the grid of the future. So we are investing heavily in building our AI and comms capabilities, through strategic acquisitions, partnerships and in-house skills development.

We are already using advanced AI to predict and prevent cable failures. And we will increasingly be deploying it in a range of voltage control solutions, from managing intermittent renewable power, to the mass uptake of electric vehicles.

Deep roots. Practical solutions.

Fundamentals is indeed a ‘new tech’ company. But our growth is deeply rooted in understanding the needs of DNOs/DSOs in the real world of managing existing assets, as well as rolling out exciting innovations. That will never change.

Explore this website for everything from scheme design and consultancy, to commissioning, site engineering, fault detection and maintenance. And don’t forget to visit the Ferranti Tapchangers website – very much part of the Fundamentals voltage control story – for unrivalled support for legacy tapchangers worldwide.