Specialist Consultancy

Specialist Consultancy

We’re changing the face of the grid, enabling energy flow more safely, smoothly and more efficiently, to make a net zero world possible.

Specialist Consultancy


Our voltage control experts can help you with your voltage policy or strategy, and its implementation, to help you deliver on your obligations.


  1. Inconsistent voltage control policy can lead to poor voltage regulation, unhappy customers and licence breaches
  2. Voltage control is only as good as the weakest link in the voltage control chain
  3. Planning needs to consider advanced smart and flexibility techniques to ensure voltage regulation is delivered alongside other DSO obligations
  4. Suboptimal policy wastes power, stresses assets and emits extra carbon
  5. Inappropriate policy can restrict the connection of generation to the network


  • Policy level

    At policy level we can define the optimum strategy for your network needs, considering licence requirements, generation, DSO obligations and asset age

  • Network level

    At network level we can advise on the approach to deploying regulation equipment, including tapchangers, regulators and shunt-connected devices, and a network-wide approach to automated control

  • Equipment level

    At equipment level we can support in defining a strategy for new and existing equipment, and how to control it

Next Steps

If you are interested to speak with one of our voltage control experts then please get in touch.

Specialist Consultancy