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AVR Settings Design

We’re changing the face of the grid, enabling energy flow more safely, smoothly and more efficiently, to make a net zero world possible.

AVR Settings Design


Our Automatic Voltage Regulator (AVR) Design service ensures that your SuperTAPP settings are 100% optimised for your specific substations, transformers and networks.


  1. Incorrect AVR settings cause integration issues, over/under-voltage errors and inadvertently high levels of circulating current.
  2. Customer voltages outside statutory parameters can lead to penalties.
  3. Incorrectly regulated voltages can cause customer equipment failures.
  4. Connection of additional, intermittent generation disrupts voltage control.
  5. EV charging and other changes in customer demand disrupt voltage control.
  6. Uncontrolled voltages waste power, stress assets and increase system losses.


  • For network operation

    We optimise the AVR settings for your specific assets, based on detailed information about the substations, transformers and network.

  • For network operation

    Our custom-designed settings ensure your AVRs perform at optimum efficiency when there are any changes to your assets, supply inputs or customer demand profiles.

  • For network operation

    Available for new installs, refurbs and substations with changed parameters. We can also integrate and optimise settings for new and legacy transformers.

  • For network operation

    Optimised settings can be implemented by our engineers, in-house or third party contractors, with ongoing technical support, directly from our experts.

Technical Summary

  • Settings optimised for distributed generation connections.
  • Settings optimised for peaks and troughs in customer demand.
  • Settings optimised for changes in substation equipment and operating conditions.

  • We can integrate new and legacy transformers – and some 3rd party AVRs.
  • Fix and upgrade legacy transformers to modern voltage control standards.
  • Reduce wasteful circulating current between transformers.

  • Make AVR Settings compatible with your overall voltage control strategy.
  • Engage with our Consulting Team to help achieve whole-system voltage control.
  • Implement digital communications to make every asset part of voltage control.

Next Steps

If you are interested to discuss how our Automatic Voltage Regulator (AVR) Settings Design service could help you then please get in touch.

AVR Settings Design