Install, Test & Commission

Install, Test & Commission

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Install, Test & Commission


Turnkey or selective site survey, design, build, install, test and commission for the full AVC chain including SAP provision and CDM roles to leave you with fully working and optimised automatic regulation of voltage at your substation, complete with manufacturer’s warranty.


  1. AVC relays need to be correctly installed, setup and commissioned with an operating tapchanger
  2. Lack of specialist voltage control knowledge can create blindspots in the process
  3. Voltage control is only as good as the weakest link in the chain
  4. Voltage control is often thrown in with protection; the reality is very different


  • Existing transformers

    We can offer full turnkey service for retrofitting new AVC to existing transformers

  • Tapchanger mechanisms

    As part of AVC installation we can bring tapchanger mechanisms (i.e. not the switching elements) back to working order

  • Site surveys

    We can carry out site surveys and condition reports

  • Support your contractors

    We can offer specialist expertise in AVC and tapchangers to support your generic substation contractors

  • Individual services

    We can offer design, test & commission and troubleshooting as individual services

  • Availability

    Available for new installs, refurbishments, accommodation of new generation and smart/enhanced AVC programmes

Technical Summary

  • Survey of all aspects of a substation site in order to evaluate and quantify the work required to bring all aspects of voltage control in the substation (AVC relays, tapchangers, cabling, wiring scheme, kiosks, SCADA etc.) to automated full working order.

  • Design of all aspects of a multi-transformer AVC system including phasing of installation
  • Electrical schematics
  • General arrangement drawings
  • Wiring diagrams
  • Cable and core schedules
  • Red & green drawings

  • Construction Design and Management roles
  • Preparation of method statements and risk assessments
  • Provision of Senior Authorised Persons
  • Site supervision
  • Cable containment and installation
  • Equipment installation and cable termination
  • Removal and disposal of old equipment

  • Cold testing
  • Secondary injection testing
  • Re-energisation
  • On-load testing
  • Whole site testing
  • SCADA testing
  • Corrective actions

Next Steps

If you are interested to talk to us about any install, test & commission projects then please get in touch.

Install, Test & Commission