Industry-leading turnkey AVC solutions

Fundamentals have to date installed more than 800 Turnkey AVC solutions for clients including Southern Electric Power Distribution, UK Power Networks and Western Power Distribution.

Why Turnkey AVC?

Because there are major advantages to sourcing an AVC solution from a single supplier – and Fundamentals is the only company in the industry with the in-house capabilities to deliver the complete package. The turnkey option provides a solution that is proven in hundreds of installations, as well as being tailored to the specific needs of each client.

Jon Hiscock, CEO, Fundamentals Ltd

Turnkey voltage control for embedded generation and STOR

A unique turnkey AVC (Automated Voltage Control) solution from Fundamentals is the first choice for UK network operators who are responding to the rapid growth of distributed generation and STOR (Short Term Operating
Reserve) grid inputs – as well as preparing their substation for future network challenges.

More than 800 turnkey AVC installations have been completed by Fundamentals’ own engineers, based on the company’s game-changing SuperTAPP relays (SuperTAPP SG relay pictured).

The SuperTAPP SG relay has advanced voltage control functionality and enables all types of distributed generation and STOR sources to be connected into the grid. While the relay is being installed, Fundamentals can refurbish and
upgrade existing tapchangers, so they are equipped to perform more advanced and precise voltage control operations.

The full turnkey package includes: site survey, network voltage control study, in-house design and build of new control panels, on-site upgrade of existing wiring, refurbishing existing tapchanger and SuperTAPP SG relay installation. All sub-assemblies are prefabricated by Fundamentals for ease of installation, and site work includes inputting settings plus connections to SCADA.

  • Upgrade and future-proof existing substation assets, to handle growing demand for embedded generation and STOR connections.
  • Ensure precise control of fluctuating voltages and eliminate transgression of voltage limits.
  • Minimise disruption and downtime during the upgrade process.

  • Fundamentals’ unique turnkey AVC solution includes tapchanger
    refurbishment, using specialist expertise from Ferranti (now part
    of the Fundamentals Group).
  • Package elements are purpose-designed for specific user requirements e.g. panel building.
  • One stop shop package from Fundamentals ensures quality of design, components, engineering and installation, with comprehensive ongoing support.

  • Industry-proven plug-and-play solution that can be trusted to meet present and future voltage control requirements.
  • Only voltage control elements of the system are upgraded – no need to replace transformers.
  • Turnkey solution is fast and highly cost-effective.

How the Fundamentals turnkey AVC solution works

No need to replace transformers unless they are end-of-life: only the voltage control parts of the system are upgraded.

AVC turnkey solution elements

  • Fundamentals delivers a purpose-designed AVC solution for each installation, based on the elements required:
  • Site survey
  • System study to determine setting values
  • System design and upgrade planning
  • In-house panel building, or upgrade existing panels on site
  • SuperTAPP SG installation: within existing cubicles or wired into brand new
  • panels in our workshops
  • Manufacture of replacement tapchanger drive assemblies
  • Site install: relays, wiring, mechanism upgrades
  • Commissioning: configuration and testing
  • Ongoing support for every part of the solution

About SuperTAPP SG

SuperTAPP SG is the latest realisation of Fundamentals’ market-leading SuperTAPP range of AVC relays for transformer and tapchanger management, based on more than 25 years’ experience.


Fundamentals is a power systems technology specialist, delivering innovative solutions which improve the health and performance of the grid.

Based in the UK and Australia, the company has built on its origins as an innovator in Automatic Voltage Regulation (AVR) products, together with its expertise in tapchangers and fault monitoring, to develop new products and services for better grid management.

The company has also developed dedicated service teams to deliver problem-solving solutions for customers in all sectors of the electricity industry.

Fundamentals works with a growing network of power technology experts and delivery partners in Europe, Asia Pacific and the Gulf.

The company is engaged in developing new solutions for grids, as operators work towards a net zero future. These embrace artificial intelligence, machine learning, digital substations and new management systems, which Fundamentals believes will increasingly be cloud-based and virtualised.