SuperTAPP SG saves £20k+ per distributed energy connection

Adding transducers to integrate distributed energy resource (DER) connections with a Distribution Network Operator’s (DNO) management system typically costs upwards of £20,000. Fundamentals’ SuperTAPP SG voltage control relay has extensive transducer functionality built-in and therefore offers significant savings whilst future-proofing for future DER connections

Fundamentals CEO Dr Jon Hiscock explained: “Many operators are not aware that DER connectivity is a key feature of our SuperTAPP SG solution, which is already being deployed to implement advanced voltage control functionality required for new DER connections. The activation of DER connectivity as part of the SuperTAPP SG solution would obviate the need for separate transducers and significantly reduce the cost of DER connections.”

The SuperTAPP SG solution for a typical substation can accommodate up to 18 feeder circuit measurements which are automatically converted to Watts and VARs and made available for communication with the DNO’s control desk.

The process of activating the SuperTAPP SG’s Watts and VARs capability requires only a short outage. It can be completed with minimal cost and disruption as part of a planned AVC scheme upgrade and its measurement functionality can be extended to cover all circuits to accommodate future connections.  

By comparison, adding a transducer typically takes several days and requires extensive extra wiring. The engineering and disruption involved typically add thousands of pounds to the cost of the transducer itself.

Dr Hiscock added: “Another problem for DNOs is the long lead times (currently up to 15 months) associated with the provision of transducers and associated hardware. This is putting a brake on their ability to deliver connections for the wind, solar and energy storage, and therefore slows progress in  the drive towards net zero carbon.

“The bottom line is that realising the full capabilities of the SuperTAPP SG solution saves money, time, disruption and carbon emissions.”

SuperTAPP SGTransducer add-on
Minimal additional cost to unlock DER functionality
Immediate availability
Simple wiring
Planned outage under one day
Faster, cheaper DER connections
£20k+ typical cost of purchase + installation
Long delivery lead times
Complex wiring
Multi-day outage to fit
Slower, more expensive DER connections