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SYNAPS ability to analyse data on cable condition and use it to detect, classify, and locate very early pre-fault events in LV cables and joints, has been demonstrated in trials. Its continuing development demonstrates the prospect that operators will be able to identify such events, long before protection devices operate – and prioritise maintenance interventions accordingly.

Key features

  • Supported by Ofgem NIA

    Development funded through Ofgem’s NIA (Network Innovation Allowance) scheme.

  • Developed with DNO partners

    SYNAPS NIA project in partnership with UK Power Networks and SSEN since 2019.

  • Proven results

    Positive results from trials on UK Power Networks and SSEN networks in London, southern England and Scotland.

  • Cable data collection

    Real-world cable monitoring, plus our unique LV cable simulator, collect data of unprecedented detail on cable health and failure processes.

  • Maximising data value

    AI learning converts cable condition data into accurate and easily-read fault predictions and locations. Data continually improved, using machine learning and deep learning techniques.

  • Potential MV/HV applications

    Our first steps on the application of AI to smarter management of MV/HV distribution and transmission networks.


  • Outage prediction & prevention

    AI-driven reporting of pre-fault conditions enables operators to plan timely and cost-effective interventions to avoid customer outages. Accuracy improves as AI algorithms learn.

  • Minimal disruption & cost

    Strong business case for ‘predict and prevent’ maintenance, driven by SYNAPS and COPPsystem, compared with the expense of unforeseen outages, customer minutes lost (CML) and unplanned repairs.

  • Smarter asset management

    AI-enabled network monitoring delivers the data to create detailed, long term, network health models, for predictive, proactive and strategic asset management.

  • Get involved – get ahead

    Fundamentals is taking some of the first steps in applying innovative AI to the grid. It’s the future. So working with Fundamentals on the development of SYNAPS will ensure you are one of the first to benefit from this emerging new technology.

Technical Summary

  • All events detected, classified and located
  • Events classified e.g. phase-phase, phase-ground etc.
  • Innovation of location based on probability
  • Probability of location improves over time based on AI
  • AI – machine learning and deep learning techniques
  • Location accuracy of 3 metres, based on high probability
  • Faults detected, classified and located in main feeder, spurs and joints
  • Prediction of time to failure (future)

  • Measurement of current, voltage, power and harmonics
  • Fuse failure detection
  • Real time fault levels
  • Current and voltage waveform capture & export
  • Network map view of equipment location and events

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