IEC 61850 Software

IEC 61850 Software

Fundamentals’ IEC 61850 software has been designed to suit the needs and requirements of the electric utility industry to enable easier implementation of IEC 61850 in substation control and automation applications.

IEC 61850 Software


IEC 61850 communication protocol can be challenging to implement as it requires integration of the underlying protocols (MMS, GOOSE, Sampled Values) with complex process and control logic layers of IEC 61850. Fundamentals’ IEC 61850 stack integrates these layers together and provide an easy to use API so our customers can easily implement IEC 61850 server or client functionality into their own applications.

Our stack is very easy to use that when given a CID file users can have an IEC 61850 server running on their platform with just a few (Application Programming Interface) API function calls which include reporting and GOOSE functionality. The API provides a significant reduction in time to market for our customers’ IEC 61850 applications and improves the usability for software developers and engineers alike.

It is portable to various linux and windows platforms and has been implemented across the world.

Key features

  • Complete stack

    Covers all main features of the IEC 61850 standard – MMS communication, GOOSE Publisher and Subscriber and underlying layers of IEC 61850 control and logic.

  • Fast Deployment

    Our software is packaged as easy to use portable ANSI C static or dynamic libraries precompiled for various target platforms for rapid deployment.

  • Easy to use API

    We provide an easy-to-use API so you can quickly develop your first IEC 61850 application.

  • Easy to configure

    Fundamentals’ ICD Designer configuration tool simplifies the configuration process allowing significant reduction in the time-to-market of your product.


  • Faster IEC 61850 Development

    With our IEC 61850 stack we provide an easy-to-use API. Using our IEC 61850 stack you can quickly develop your first IEC 61850 application.

  • Rapid Deployment

    Our software has been packaged for rapid deployment as an ANSI C library allowing the porting to any commonly used operating system.

Technical Summary

  • MMS Client and Server roles
  • GOOSE publisher and subscriber
  • Buffered and unbuffered reporting
  • Dynamic Datasets – both persistent and non-persistent data sets
  • LGOS – GOOSE Subscription monitoring
  • Full support for Ed2 control models as described in 61850-7-2_Ed2
  • File Transfer – MMS File Transfer
  • Support for array objects
  • MinTime and MaxTime in GOOSE Transmission
  • Transient type reports
  • Reporting to release and unreserve subscribed reports once the connected client disconnects.
  • Indexed reporting
  • GOOSE transmission with fast publishing
  • MAC address automatically detected from the IP address of the device if MAC is not present in CID file
  • Callbacks for Update, Read, Write, Controls, Command Termination, Last App Error, Operative Test Callbacks(Ed2), GOOSE timer expiry, File Transfer

  • Embedded Linux, including ARM, Power PC, big- and little-endian platforms with custom Linux images
  • Desktop Linux, including Ubuntu, Debian, Red Hat and others
  • Anybus IPC@Chip SC1x3 RTOS, SC1x5 RTOS LNX
  • Microsoft Windows 32-bit and 64-bit operating systems, including XP, Vista, Windows 7, Windows 8, Windows 10, Windows 11

Fundamentals provides the ICD Designer tool for IEC 61850 client and server SCL (Substation Configuration Language) configuration, specially tailored to be used with our IEC 61850 software stack.

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