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COPPsystem is an innovative outage prediction and prevention system for underground low voltage (LV) cables. It detects, classifies, and locates very early pre-fault events in LV cables and joints, before they become visible to operators. And with 24/7 monitoring of cable health information, it provides effective early warning of pre-faults that could develop into costly outages.

Key features

  • Advanced Artificial Intelligence (AI)

    Deep learning algorithms improve the location prediction accuracy over time.

  • Fault location prediction

    Highly accurate prediction of developing underground cable faults prevents failures.

  • LV outage prevention

    Detects, classifies, locates, and reports pre-fault events before protection devices operate.

  • LV substation monitoring

    Multiple sensors monitor data from LV feeders for enhanced network visibility.

  • Underground cable health

    AI algorithms continuously model cable health parameters for better asset management.

  • Modular feeder sensors

    Compact, easy-to-install modular sensors support substations with up to 8 feeders.


  • Outage prediction & prevention

    Detection, classification, location, and reporting of pre-fault conditions enables operators to plan timely and cost-effective interventions to avoid customer outages.

  • Minimal disruption & cost

    Strong business case for COPPsystem driven ‘predict and prevent’ maintenance, compared with the expense of unforeseen outages, customer minutes lost (CML) and unplanned repairs.

  • Smarter asset management

    AI-enabled network monitoring delivers the data to create detailed network health models, for proactive and strategic asset management.

  • Evolving location accuracy

    Deep machine learning SYNAPS algorithms improve the predicted location probability of pre-fault events over time, providing increased confidence for maintenance planning.

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